Peace Concert "A Journey for Peace"

2013.4.13. Sat. (Rotorua Convention Centre, Concert Chamber)

★☆★ Thanks for your support !!

  We donated $300 to Red Cross.



署名は「平和の旅へ」合唱団に預け、募金は反核兵器の活動もしているNZ Red Crossに寄付しました。


Peace Concert

 "A Journey for Peace" 

   2013 Aplir 13th Saturday  2:00~4:00pm

   Rotorua Convention Centre

    (Concert Chamber)

   (free event)


Part 1   Taiko by "Rotorua RACCO"     

Part 2   Choir by Nagasaki Choir Group   "A Journey for Peace" 

   Based on true story of Chieko Watanabe, a Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor.




第1部  ロトルア楽鼓による太鼓演奏の友情出演。40分9曲。オリジナルの4曲を含む。

第2部 合唱「平和の旅へ」 他5曲50分


Peace message from the Mayor of Nagasaki to Rotorua & Auckland

*Nagasaki "A Journey for Peace" Choir Group

The Mayor of Rotorua & The leader of Nagasaki choir group

*The manager of Rotorua Arts Village & The leader of Nagasaki choir group


Photo Exhibition & Nagasaki Talk  (Rotorua Arts Village)

  Exhibition "Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki"              2013. Apr. 5th 〜 26th

  Talk   " Unique History & Culture of Nagasaki"  2013. Apr. 6th


Choir Concert " A Journey for Peace" in Auckland

  2013  April  15th   6:00~7:30pm  (Diocesan School for Girls)

Photo Exhibition "Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki" & Nagasaki Talk (at RAVE)

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